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We Have a New Name | kSafe by Kitchen Safe
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kSafe by Kitchen Safe

We Have a New Name

 by  Nick Tseng

We’re super excited to announce that the Kitchen Safe is now kSafe!

Why the change?

We believe the name kSafe better reflects how you, our customers, use the product.

While the product was originally designed for food and snacks, we quickly learned that tons of our customers use the kSafe outside of the kitchen. In fact, only about half of our customers use the kSafe for food! The other half of our customers use the kSafe for things like electronics, smoking products, medicine, credit cards, keys to padlocks, and lots of other neat applications.

So we wanted a new name that could encompass all of our customer's applications, while still connecting us to our history. After thinking through hundreds of ideas, we landing on kSafe.  

Our team is dedicated to helping people understand and capitalize on the life changing power of commitment devices, and we believe this new name will help us reach an even broader community. We hope you like it! 

Thank you for your support!


The Kitchen Safe kSafe Team

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