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"We make it easier to make healthy choices and stay motivated in the pursuit of goals, by building fun and intuitive products based on academic research."


A company's principles are important. They define who you are and shape how you grow. They are a guiding light when things are uncertain. So, we spent a lot of time thinking about the question: who are we and who do we want to be? As we pondered the questions, we drew inspiration from other companies, entrepreneurs, and our own experiences. Here is what we decided:

We make great products

A great product makes you happy and never lets you down. We'll take the extra time and spend the extra money to get things right, because it's the right thing to do and selling a crappy product is embarrassing.

We understand willpower and self-control

We continually seek to understand how willpower and self-control can be learned, improved, and exercised, so that we can help people achieve their goals. We follow the work of experts in the field, including Dan ArielyKelly McGonigal, and Roy Baumeister

We practice the Golden Rule

We like to be treated well, and we know that applies to everyone. We want our customers and suppliers to be happy. We believe in treating people fairly. We trust that most people are good and will not take advantage of kindness.

Fun is important

Fun is great. Work should be fun. Products should be fun. We tell each other jokes. We celebrate big and small success. We find humor in our mistakes (and of course learn from, and seek to avoid similar ones in the future), because life is too short to be spent upset, annoyed, or angry.

We are genuine

We are honest, straightforward, and forthcoming. We believe in telling things like they are. We believe in letting people know who we are, even if we’re a little weird. No too-cool-for-school business.

We are kind

We treat people with kindness. Customers, suppliers, colleagues, competitors, and random people that we don't know are deserving of our kindness.

We are explorers and inventors

The world provides so many marvelous opportunities to explore, learn and create. Every now and again, we will find an opportunity to build something, or do something that is creative, new, and great. And, that is thrilling!

We take risk

We plan on doing great things, and we believe that taking risks is necessary to do those things. Most truly great accomplishments require taking risk. We know we will fail along the way, but we are ok with that, because each failure teaches us something new. The progress of a risk taking venture may be more uneven, but we believe that measured over a larger time scale, it is going to move us faster and farther than playing it safe.

We are competitors

Nothing about us, our products, our team, or our organization will be second best. We will seek to be the best in all of our pursuits. We know that doing so will require us to work harder and longer than others, and we embrace the challenge.

We think big

We are going to help hundreds of millions of people achieve their goals by providing them knowledge and tools that help them utilize and improve their own will-power and self-control. We are going to be a large, successful and well respected organization that benefits its customers and stakeholders.

We do not make excuses

We will make mistakes. We will not point fingers. We will embrace our mistake and help others learn from them. Blaming others is not cool.