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  • Highly Recommended Tools for Selling Online – Part 2

     by  Nick Tseng

    This is a continuation from a previous blog post that covers helpful online tools and services we use at Kitchen Safe. Here are a few more great services we use: 1) oDesk – oDesk is an online community of freelancers from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for designers, engineers, web developers, customer service reps, or more, you can...
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  • Highly Recommended Tools for Selling Online - Part 1

     by  Nick Tseng

    Selling online is becoming easier and easier thanks to the growing number of available tools on the web. Here at Kitchen Safe, we have tested and used dozens of these services and are happy to share our experiences. In order to keep these blogs short, I’ll only discuss a few at a time. Here are three (of many) tools and...
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